Trump to make announcement on Iran nuclear deal — WATCH LIVE


"We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions", declared President Trump. And we have caught him on the line from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he was watching President Trump's announcement.

"This agreement has not worked", said Sen.

PHILIP GORDON: Thanks - nice to be here.

When Kerry met with Zarif in April to strategize on saving the pact, it was the second time in about two months the two had done so.

It's not clear that Trump is looking for more violent conflict. "However, based on conversations I have had in recent days, it is my sense that the administration will move quickly to work toward a better deal".

French President Emmanuel Macron said his country, Britain and Germany all regretted Trump's decision.

His speech was uncompromising, full of rhetoric, implicit threats and ultimatums.

Trump said the US would restore punitive sanctions on Tehran, after he concluded "that we cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement".

Egypt could obtain a nuclear weapon, he said, though it is economically constrained. Another might be fast-tracking the sanctions-compliance rules that make it hard for small and medium-size European companies to do business with Iran.

GORDON: It could, and I don't.

"No rhetoric is required".

Obama laid out six points that acknowledged both criticisms of the deal and what he says it has accomplished.

Seven years ago, when the U.S. and its allies imposed additional sanctions on Iran because of its nuclear program, buyers in Europe and Asia switched to purchasing from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Angola, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The accord was designed to freeze Iran's nuclear program in exchange for an end to economic sanctions on Tehran.

Boeing and European rival Airbus (EADSF) are virtually duopoly in terms of selling commercial jets worldwide; they control almost the entire market for commercial passenger jets between them.

In Moscow, the official reaction to Trump's announcement was more heated.

My suggestion to the other signers is that they pledge to Iran to uphold the deal by 1) refusing to carry out any new sanctions by the United States and 2) pledging to defend Iran if the United States attempts a pre-emptive military strike. Technically, the JCPOA remains in effect, and Iran has begun negotiations to see that the non-U.S. signatories, who have roundly criticized Trump's decision, continue to abide by the deal.

IRAN'S president last night ordered officials to prepare to restart enriching uranium 'at industrial levels' after the US decision to break the 2015 nuclear deal.

Until 2012, the U.S. considered the M.E.K. a terrorist organization.

How about U.S. global influence?

Building that stockpile would be difficult.

GORDON: Well, it is breaking America's word.

Netanyahu unveiled documents seized by Israeli intelligence showed Iran had attempted to develop a nuclear bomb in the previous decade, especially before 2003. "That we're trying to bring to a stop". The Iran deal (nuclear agreement) is defective at its core.

GORDON: I think the risks far outsee the opportunities. This would all be good for the United States. But there's no indication that Bolton has changed his mind.

He added: "It could embolden an already dangerous regime; threaten our friends with destruction; pose unacceptable dangers to America's own security; and trigger an arms race in the world's most dangerous region". But by withdrawing from the deal today, he actually sunset the entire agreement immediately.

Michael H Fuchs is a contributing opinion writer for the Guardian US. Why not wait for 15 years and then take whatever action you want to take?

GORDON: Thank you, Mary Louise.