Microsoft Outlook upcoming updates to add Quick Reply, Draft Sync and more


And as for Outlook for Android, the app will be getting support for Office Lens technology, which allows you to take a photo from a whiteboard or piece of paper, and have it automatically cropped to look as though it was professionally scanned.

Outlook Improvements This Month Microsoft added a bunch of Outlook improvements this month.

HomeGroup - Microsoft has removed HomeGroup but not the ability to share printers, files, and folders. The "Quick scan" button now is simply labeled "Scan now". Now, double-click the Windows10Upgrade.exe file to launch the tool. Further, restart the device. Also, Microsoft updated the Xbox One firmware.

From a new Timeline feature to improved voice-to-text functionality, Windows 10 April 2018 Update is one of the biggest software updates since 2016.

All the above updates will roll out to the Play Store gradually by this month or later. This way, you won't have to do the calculations in your head. Your calendar will also autofill with the important details and send you a reminder two days before the due date. It will even suggest possible meeting places when you still haven't decided where to hold it based on time of day and the list of attendees. On both Android and iOS, Outlook now supports companies that use SOCKS proxies to manage internet access from mobile devices. Your contact entries in Outlook Mail will now include more occupation information, like specific job title and chain of command.

Windows 10’s new update brings new animations and a greater emphasis on transparency in the UI
MICROSOFTWindows 10’s new update brings new animations and a greater emphasis on transparency in the UI

Focus Assist is a new distraction-free mode for Windows 10.

After Microsoft killed-off its Groove music streaming service last year, users are no longer able to stream music they do not own. And while it wasn't an invite-only beta, not every organization that runs Office will want to jump into testing. Users can also make books, PDFs, and Reading View as full-screen.

I could immediately notice several changes with this upgrade. So this post will skim the highlights. But it still used to make the PCs agonizingly slow.

Timeline is built right into the existing task switcher and ideally it'll allow you to, for example, jump right back into a document you were working on in the office when you get to your laptop at home. If a user were to say something along the lines of "Hey Cortana, start a conversation in Translator", the program will respond in a selection of supported languages including German, Chinese Simplified, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. The platform will identify incoming bills received via e-mail, present a summary card at the top of your e-mail and add a calendar event that coincides with the due date. And good news! After initially going with "Windows 10 Spring Creators Update", Microsoft has decided to jettison its name branding strategy and adopt a more neutral numerical designation.

The Translator App is also equipped with a "Live" feature that gives you the ability to hold a conversation in multiple languages at once, an ideal add-on for companies with international clientele.