Trump Speaks to the GOP Congressional Retreat — WATCH LIVE


It's the lowest net positive rating for a State of the Union address since at least 1998, when CNN first asked the question.

Because the deal comes from Trump, Democrats don't want to help his agenda along, give him any wins or help him get the credit for giving 1.8 million Dreamers a path to citizenship. This is really the key.

His most detailed proposal was, perhaps, the most contentious.

That's a lie. There are only two viable categories for immigrants who have become U.S. citizens to bring in relatives.

Americans are tired of looming shutdowns and the inability of government to reach a consensus. And that requires allowing the economic engine to rev and for our laws to be enforced.

Certainly, there is a degree of truth in this, as we would not be seeing this unprecedented growth without the stifling taxes, policies and regulations under the previous administration that stagnated our economy. His most immediate first-year impact was most likely cutting through bureaucracy and speeding up approval for some stalled oil pipelines. But solid on so much else and beautifully delivered.

Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., said in a press release that she agreed with the president's emphasis on providing the military with more resources and strengthening the nation's nuclear forces. It would behoove members of both parties to find a compromise on immigration and secure the future for Dreamers.

President Donald Trump smiles during State of the Union address in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol to a joint session of Congress Tuesday in Washington. But to make real progress on the challenges we face, we need more than a speech. The president spent the past year attacking America's democratic institutions and splitting the "American family".

In exchange, the president is demanding more border protection, including the wall he touted throughout his presidential campaign. Domestically, Trump is not very powerful.

If you think anything has changed because of a pretty speech written by a speechwriter somewhere in the executive office building, then you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Regardless of the "why" what we know now is that this President is saying things that aren't true at a remarkably fast pace. He used to call his show "The Apprentice" No. 1 long after it had slipped out of the top ten. And it sent me to the Nielsen website.

When Trump outlined his four-part immigration plan Tuesday, a grim-faced House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held up her hands to try to silence the booing Democrats.