Justin Timberlake Performs 'Supplies' & 'Say Something' with Chris Stapleton on Jimmy Fallon


The performance also featured a special tribute to Minnesota's own late superstar, Prince. "Even though Mel Gibson was in Daddy's Home 2, the time's they are a-changin'". She tossed a throat lozenge to the ground just before striking her "Oh", and still managed to be stunning, with only one slight break in her voice toward the close.

But you're a damned liar if you say that "Rock Your Body" doesn't make you wiggle your booty at least a little bit, and that the Futuresex/Lovesounds album didn't have you rethinking your whole perspective on who R&B/soul music "belongs" to.

LUCAS: Well, the Democratic memo is basically their detailed response to the Republican one that you mentioned was released last week. Questlove responded, "It was dope". The effort and intent was sincere, as Justin Timberlake has mentioned the "inspiration" he derives from Prince numerous times. He is the official Super Bowl LII meme.

He'll be at the Pepsi Center on Jan. 29, 2019, and it's the final show listed in the early 2019 leg, so you can expect it to be a big one.

The group spent more than 50 hours in rehearsal, some with Justin Timberlake himself. On Saturday, TMZ reported that a "hologram" of Prince would appear alongside Timberlake at some point Sunday, a piece of news that was met with outcry, derision, and an emergency meeting with Sheila E, which reportedly led to the "hologram" being scrapped.

At 16 tracks and 65 minutes long, Man of the Woods is on the longer side of the pop album spectrum.

"The best part was when (Timberlake) talked into our earpieces and told us it was an honor to perform with all of us", Prior Lake High School student Emma Gordon said in a news release from the district. "There is no hologram".

Social media users on the Internet did not fail to speculate why he looked down at his phone while the pop star was standing a few inches away.

Although Mitchell was identified, it still doesn't explain why he had two phones.

Other observers found Timberlake's performance unsatisfying - and they weren't surprised the crowd didn't seem to care for it. I even stuck with him through those awful cornrows back in the *NSYNC days, and I've found it in my heart to forgive him for not shouldering more of the blame for Tittygate.