Amnesty International USA Response to State of the Union


Below: some winners and losers.

"(It was a) traditional State of the Union", Christie said, adding, "I thought it was too long".

"But through it all, we have seen the beauty of America's soul, and the steel in America's spine. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sadly", Trump said. He once promoted a petition to stop NBC from hiring white conservatives. Trump was going for a muscular speech - quite literally.

He read from a Teleprompter and stuck almost entirely to script - embellishing only a bit, as when he added "thousands and thousands" to the single "thousand" in the line about the bonus some corporations have granted workers since the tax overhaul. It was false hope. His State of the Union analysis came hours after his debut appearance earlier in the morning - two weeks to the day after he left office. I look forward to working with Congress to work on the safest, most efficient system.

Trump also mentioned Steve Staub and Sandy Keplinger of Staub Manufacturing, the small business in Ohio where Adams is employed. Melania chose to commute with the guests she and the president had invited to the speech.

He spoke about potential agenda items for 2018 in broad terms, including a call for $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure spending and partnerships with states and the private sector.

The President's sacked former press secretary Sean Spicer said "there's no question there are people within a lot of these agencies that don't like the current occupant of the White House and seek to undermine his policies".

The State of the Union address is traditionally held every year, except for the one of inauguration.

The White House has indicated the president will discuss several key categories in his speech, including jobs and the economy, immigration, infrastructure, trade, and national security. As he said, "the era of economic surrender is over".

"We have ended the war on beautiful clean coal". Here's the handy dandy Hot Air/Townhall Twitter widget, which will collect instant reaction, fact checks, and snarky jokes from various commentators as the speech wears on.

As expected, Trump was not shy about heralding his administration's contributions to what he cast as a strong state of the union.

Speculation flared anew when The Wall Street Journal reported on January 12 that Trump had paid Daniels $130,000, one month before the November 2016 election, to keep their adulterous liaison quiet. Wrong. He said Congress passed and he signed "the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history". "He has no interest in being bipartisan if that means giving up being Trump". That might be true, but because available records don't go back beyond a few decades, we simply don't know. The most publicized bonuses, though, were generally $1,000.

Only four out of the nine are showing up for Trump.

"It would be easy to dismiss the past year as chaos". It clocked in at just under one hour and 29 minutes. Democrats provided a short spurt of polite applause for Trump as he entered the chamber, but offered muted reactions throughout the speech.