Daniel Cormier Addresses Potential Third Fight With Jon Jones


Beat Velasquez, and the argument is over.

It's not that Miocic hasn't faced Velasquez because he's somehow been avoiding the two-time UFC champion. He also has a family who has supported him all along the way, and he wants to pay it forward by turning the focus on them. I just didn't take long to get to the top of the sport so I've been around for the top of the sport for so long so people just kind of associate that with being in the sport for a long time.

Leading up to the fight Miocic spoke about the lack of support from the UFC prior to the fight.

Holly Holm dragged the Brazilian through five hellacious rounds to force her first decision in nine years.

In the first round, the fight seemed like it could reach epic slugfest proportions.

Still, though, if anyone was looking for evidence that proves the UFC's dominance in the MMA market, they need look no further than Saturday night. Below are some highlights from the presser.

Cormier suffered his most devastating defeat via third-round TKO to Jon Jones last July in their rematch but the fight was ruled a no contest after Jones failed a drug test for anabolic steroids.

Miocic could lay claim as UFC's greatest heavyweight. I'm very lucky, I've got my coaches here and they're amazing. Only the bell saved Oezdemir. Sonnen won, but was anybody taking this fight seriously? Cormier retained the title. Unlike Boston - which relies almost entirely on headliners to sell fights - MMA's top promotion tends to try and stack the cards that surround its biggest stars with other recognizable fighters. The winner would arguably only be a couple of wins away from a title match.

As seen in the co-main event of Saturday's UFC 220 PPV event at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, Cormier was able to score a TKO victory over title contender Volkan Oezdemir.

Gian Villante defeated Francimar Barroso by split decision for his sixth straight victory in a slow-paced 205-pound fight that drew heavy boos from the antsy crowd.

What would further cement his status as the all-time-great? Still, he didn't feel like a champion. Miocic is in the record books now, and the list of heavyweight challengers is thinning.

I'm just past it right now. He entered #UFC 220 as the underdog to Ngannou. I've got a guy that's a phenom next. He took a lap around the canvas with his right arm raised in triumph, backed by "Let's go DC!" chants.

"It's not like I'm fighting small guys". We go to war no matter what - win, lose or draw. Volkan Oezdemir, I leave a piece of myself with every opponent. "I'm going to be done by March 20, 2019". I think professional wrestling does it best and I know it's scripted but that's the best story. Despite the massive promotional push the UFC gave Ngannou, all casual fans saw of the monstrous heavyweight was a tiring hulk with cardio issues. Seeing grown men cold-clocked into unconsciousness tends to have that effect on otherwise articulate adults.

If this were literature, which Rod Serling's show certainly was, instead of a more primal passion, we might describe the opening bout as foreshadowing.

Although heavily dominated after that first round, Francis Ngannou cannot be counted out of the UFC's heavyweight division.

"That stuff excites me, man. I've always wanted that, and I've had my time". "It's not a good one".