Libya must end "outrageous" auctions of enslaved people, UN experts insist


The current state of Libya is what happens when the future is bleak for youths and they are desperate for new opportunities, according to Ali Dinar, a senior lecturer in the Department of African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

She told host Winston Amoah that some of the migrants had developed diseases as a result of the conditions they found themselves in at detention camps - official and unofficial ones.

The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons [NCFRMI] and other Government Agencies were on ground to receive them and ensure that they were profiled and registered. They must also urgently prioritize the release of all those people who have been enslaved.

EU leaders says there is little time to find ways to meet the needs of an African population set to more than double by 2050 to around 2.4 billion people.

Amnesty International accused Europe of being "complicit" in the abuses by funding, training and instructing the Libyans to detain migrants.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was horrified by the reports and said they may amount to crimes against humanity. But for anyone who dared the desert and the Mediterranean without document to prove that he/she is a Nigerian, there is nothing we can do, absolutely nothing.

A former Nigerian government minister has claimed that Nigerian migrants are having their organs harvested after being sold into slavery in Libya.

A total of 127 Ghanaians touched down at the Kotoka International Airport on Wednesday from Libya, where they had been put under detention for various offences.

While some are sent to detention centres, many are simply left in the hands of the human traffickers whom they had either paid or to whom they owe substantial sums.

Thousands of Nigerians seeking greener pastures are stranded in Libya, many seeking to travel the risky Mediterranean to Europe.

"It is a dangerous trend that European States are shifting responsibility for migrants to African countries instead of creating regular, safe, affordable and accessible channels for them".

The selling of people is not supposed to be part of the system, but it seems a part of an illicit market of human trafficking, Ryan said.

The man, Gaddafi, known as the lion of the desert, is today being remembered for providing the best for his people.

The "gross and scandalous" auctions made "mockeries of the alleged solidarity of African nations grouped in the African Union, of which Libya is a member", he said.

Gaddafi is back, and is ruling the world as he received encomiums and praises for his good deeds and respect for people of Africa descend. Special Procedures' experts work on a voluntary basis; they are not UN staff and do not receive a salary for their work.

A situation where about 27,000 Nigerians are said to have died in their failed, though illegal bid to cross into Europe, is unacceptable and is the more reason why those still nursing such ideas must be urged to perish the very risky venture.