Zimbabweans home and abroad celebrate Mugabe's exit


The charge sheet brought before Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda had allegations that Mugabe's "serious misconduct" was that he let his wife speak about government business in public when she was not a cabinet minister and also abused state resources among other issues.

Mugabe led Zimbabwe's liberation war and is hailed as one of post-colonial Africa's founding fathers and a staunch supporter of the drive to free neighbouring South Africa from apartheid in 1994.

Mnangagwa, whose sacking led to last week's army takeover, fled the southern African country two weeks ago after being purged from the ruling party, said he feared a threat to his life and vowed not to return until his security was guaranteed.

The prospect of a dynastic succession alarmed the military, which confined Mugabe to his home last week and targeted what it called "criminals" around him who allegedly were looting state resources - a reference to associates of the first lady. But Zanu-PF has shown a remarkable ability to resist reform, even under the most trying of circumstances.

Released in 1974, Mugabe took over as head of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), which joined forces with Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU). The AU had no immediate comment on the account in the cable.

"Never should the nation be held at ransom by one person ever again, whose desire is to die in office at whatever cost to the nation", Mnangagwa said in a statement issued from hiding on Tuesday.

Photo: Zimbabweans overcome with joy outside the country's parliament in Harare.

Mnangagwa is expected to go to ruling party headquarters for a briefing upon his arrival. The military moves in overnight, taking control of the state-run broadcaster.

"I now have hope that I can be employed some day and be able to take care of my needs". The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, passed with bipartisan support in 2001, sets out strict conditions for U.S.re-engagement, including the lifting of targeted sanctions and debt relief.

Zuma's spokesman, Bongani Ngqulunga, dismissed the account as "completely untrue and scandalous".

Impeachment proceedings had begun against Mugabe earlier on the day he finally resigned.

But the pressure mounted relentlessly, forcing Mugabe towards impeachment.

Johnson said Mugabe played a major role in the creation of an independent Zimbabwe but had "allowed that legacy to be squandered and his country went, I'm afraid, to wrack and ruin".

Tanks were seen roaming moving through the streets as troops entered buildings in Harare.

A man in the crowd, Godwin Nyarugwa, said he was "very ecstatic" and that "we need change in this country, change in everything".

He is also said to have shown disrespect for the rule of law, and is allegedly to blame for an unprecedented economic tailspin over the past 15 years.

A ruling party official said Zimbabwe's recently fired vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa will take over as leader within 48 hours of Mugabe's resignation. Apparently, Mnangagwa was plotting to succeed Mugabe with the backing of the military.

Showing pictures of Zimbabweans carrying bundles of cash during its hyperinflation crisis, the paper said Zimbabwe's chaos could in large part be traced to Mugabe's extreme leftist, populist policies. "I left my job in Lesotho in 2013 to come and work at a university in Zimbabwe".