Lucasfilm Releases Statement About The Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Box Fiasco


The progression system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is pretty complicated and has been at the center of controversy ever since details came out.

In the wake of the immense backlash surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II, one analyst who proclaims to be a gamer himself took - what can be considered - a rather unpopular stance on the matter.

There are many different obtainable items you can get hold of in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crates, all of which are obtainable with in-game currency.

This is a big ask considering you have just paid full price for the game.

Basically, progress inside the game will be earned by playing, not spending real money on crystals (and then spending crystals on loot boxes), but in-game purchases will return at a later date. Reward crates will only be available for completing in-game tasks and missions. However, that is not the best way to play any multiplayer-centric game.

Star Wars Battlefront II was released on November 17th for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It transitions beautifully to vehicle sequences as well, seamlessly putting you into the cockpit of a Tie Fighter or an out-of-place Cloud Car to engage in epic space dogfights. It's been a rocky launch to say the least. But EA informed that it will not affect much on its bottom line for the financial year, 2017-18.

"Sorry we didn't get this right", Gabrielson said in an update posted on EA's official website. The Wall Street Journal (paywall) reports that Disney executives were "upset at how online outrage over the costs of gaining access to popular characters such as Luke Skywalker reflected on their marquee property".

For years, critics and gaming psychologists have criticised loot boxes.

Suddenly, the pay-to-win system EA had spent the week defending and promising to tweak in response to player feedback was gone.

In its current state, Star Wars Battlefront II offers strong experiences across the board. Stacked up against the costs and time constraints of other mediums, games are the most cost-saving entertainment even if they have a bunch of MTX shoved in them, he argues.

"Americans are falling so far behind what other countries are doing and it's all about profit", Mr Young said. The ATR breakout systems are frequently used by short-term traders to time entries.