That escalated quickly — The Catalan vote


Entrances to some government offices were blocked by crowds protesting in favor of independence.

More than 900 people were injured after Spanish police attempted to halt the vote by raiding polling stations, beating would-be voters and firing rubber bullets at crowds.

"The person who goes with the national team, isn't the most patriotic, you have to go and perform to your maximum".

"Let me be clear: violence does not solve anything in politics". The only item on the agenda is a speech by Mr Puigdemont, "to evaluate the results and effects" of last Sunday's referendum, deemed illegal by Spain's courts.

For example, some of Mr Rajoy's clearest backing has come from French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country has faced low-level breakaway sentiment from Corsica and the Basque Country, which straddles both south-west France and north-west Spain.

Two demonstrators, one wearing a Spanish flag and the other a Catalan independence flag, walk in Barcelona.

The movement's leaders had hoped the police crackdown might cause European leaders to take steps to intervene in the dispute with Spain's government.

"Today the board has accepted the resignation of vice-president Carles Vilarrubi and Barca Innovation Hub chief Jordi Mones", he said. He said Catalonia had "won the right to become an independent state".

Catalonia's government reports that just under 90 per cent of voters backed independence.

A wave of protests and violent clashes with police have erupted in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia amid the region's referendum to seek independence from Spain.

Spanish authorities say the demonstrations hindered the police operation. The central government in Madrid has described the referendum and its results as illegitimate.

But he stressed that Spain "will overcome difficult times".

Catalonia, which has its own language and culture, already enjoys broad autonomy, with its own parliament and police, as well as control over education, health care and media. I have never been pro-independence, my parents are from Andalucia.

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The nervous public mood prompted Spain's economy minister to assure bank customers that their deposits are safe.