In the Network appeared the concepts of "killer" iPhone X


The rear cameras are also AR-ready and come with AR calibrated sensors, advanced Motion tracking, gyroscopic, and accelerometer sensors.

Besides, Apple iPhone X has beaten the most powerful chipsets that are used by its competitor brands and smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the OnePlus 5. So go check out day 1 and then come back for more.

All eyes were on Apple earlier this week with the US technology giant revealing its all-new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Customers can pre-order iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and order Apple Watch Series 3 at and Sprint retail stores, and all will be available in stores starting on Friday, September 22.

Its biggest competitor, Qualcomm, doesn't necessarily lag in technical expertise, but it doesn't have manufacturers willing to buy state-of-the-art components off the shelves.

You can even record your writing and drawings and send it as animated GIFs on any platform that supports the standard (and most do). Finally, the S-Pen that has become iconic for the Note devices.

Tend to shake a lot when you're taking pictures? At maximum brightness, the display beams out at an impressive 419cd/m2 and with a polarising filter applied between the glass and AMOLED panel it's readable in most conditions.

The company says far too many people were messing around with the phone backstage.

Apple's recently released new phones.

Facial recognition, called Face ID, now replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner with the iPhone X being unlocked simply by glancing at it. Users can also purchase the smartphone from one of their local carriers. Also, you have the option to alter the sound to your own liking.

While most phones allow you to adjust the Bokeh effect after you shoot the photo, the Note 8 actually allows you to adjust it before you take the photo.

The iPhone's multi-core scores appear to be quite higher than the other smartphones as compared to the handset in the list containing second position - Galaxy Note 8 attaining 6,784 points, although iPhone X inherits the points of 10,069 scores.

But stats can be a little deceiving. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is worth your approximately $930, if you want to spend them on a good device. However, it does not mean the latter is inferior. Meanwhile, Apple has yet to announce the iPhone X's RAM but several reports are speculating it would only be 3 GB. But focusing on price makes sense, particularly as smartphone prices are now often over $1000. The iPhone X is very expensive, prohibitively expensive in some instances, and while it is a very good-looking phone, I am kind of struggling to find the motivation to part with £1000 for a unit.