Comey 'forever changed history — Clinton


"I said that in 2000 after what happened in the 2000 election with Al Gore", Clinton said.

A court filing discloses the bureau employed a legal tool to seek emails from accounts of some she corresponded with. Gone were the assurances of her first campaign that she was not running as a woman, but as someone who could get things done. Her approval ratings, she noted, are strong when she does policy work but not as a campaigner.

Upon first reading former FBI director Jim Comey's October letter notifying Congress that the FBI was reopening its investigation into the private email server she used as secretary of state, Clinton said she thought it was "a bad joke". "And now this", Clinton wrote.

Nate Silver took a couple of swipes at the media on his FiveThirtyEight podcast - including his former employer, the New York Times - for screwing up the coverage of the 2016 election by creating a false narrative on Hillary Clinton. "I feel very strongly that he went way beyond his role in doing what he did".

"What's been hardest is the way our legal system is structured to favor private property".

Clinton's loss was perhaps the biggest shock election defeat in modern American history. - Clinton claims she takes full responsibility for her stunning loss to Donald Trump.

And the [punch] that did connect - that's 100 percent [Gosling's] fault?
And, you know, I really had to struggle.

Much of the country, and the world, was left in shock as the primaries turned red one after another and Trump claimed victory. "It was clear I was going to be the nominee, like, in March or April. And look what they'd thrown at me". And I would, too. Bubba played by the old rules of masculinity and she was vulnerable to the new rules of feminism.

However, subsequent Freedom of Information Act releases hinted at the use of grand jury subpoenas in the investigation. It was my campaign. "I know there had to be some pressure on him because Rudy Giuliani announced two days before that there was something big coming in two days".

The comment reverberated throughout Appalachia. "Sometimes it just comes out wrong", she writes. She kept her maiden name, which enraged the good ol' boys, infuriated their wives and cost her husband re-election to a traditional second term.

This, my friends, is today's Democratic party. Do you agree with Clinton here? "But this level of anger took me aback. This was about something different". "Looking back, that was a mistake".