At least three dead after Hurricane Irma makes second landfall in Florida


The Florida Keys and parts of the southwest Florida coast are in danger of storm surges as high as 10 feet. At least 25 people were killed during Irma's destructive trek across the Caribbean earlier this week.

But by Sunday night, focus was switching about 200km west across the Florida peninsula, where towns such as St Petersburg, Naples and Tampa were braced for storm surges of up to 15ft as the hurricane moved north along the west Florida coast.

The U.S. government has evacuated more than 1,200 people from the U.S. Virgin Islands since Friday, the State Department reported.

Allison careers into Texas in June 2001 before passing over Louisiana, Florida and Pennsylvania, killing 35.

The Georgia Department of Transportation asked residents to stay put until the storm passes.

The head of emergencies agency Fema, Brock Long, told CNN there were "no safe areas within the Keys".

By Sunday morning, the Tampa-St.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said Miami's Hialeah Hospital has only two hours of diesel left in its generator. "I think now with what's happened with the hurricane I'm going to ask for a speedup", Trump said.

Speaking to Metro US yesterday, a host of a viral 'Shoot at Hurricane Irma' event, Ryon Edwards said he started it as a joke.

Reasonable worst-case scenario storm surge inundation map for the Tampa Bay area on Sept. 10 2017. The orange colors correspond to greater than 6 feet of water above ground level

It has caused damage worth more than $10 billion, the BBC reported. "Now is the time to do the right thing for your family".

Mayor Eric Garcetti says Los Angeles' prayers are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma, which made landfall Sunday. It's one of the reasons officials have told residents that moving even just a few miles inland could be beneficial for them.

Wall Street is expecting any hit to be quick and bound to pass, but the precise impact is hard to determine at this point. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne estimates reconstruction will cost $100m.

What about Hurricanes Jose and Katia?

The last major hurricane to strike that side of Florida was Hurricane Charley, which struck on August 13, 2004, coming ashore at Punta Gorda.

Mar-a-Lago closed as Irma approached the state, and guests at his Doral hotel were being advised to make lodging arrangements elsewhere as the storm approached.

The office recognized that it was all a joke - but wrote that it was "worth the clarification" due to the amount of interest to the page.

Florida braces for one of the largest and most far-reaching storms in the state's history as the latest forecasts show Hurricane Irma veering northwest while tropical storm and storm surge warnings go up in South Carolina.