Michael Gerson column: The Dreamers deserve compassion -- and a legislative compromise


It follows the administration's announcement Tuesday that it would phase out the Obama-era program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Further, there is no documentation to show any came here because of DACA. That's the president unilaterally changing the law. Suffice it to say that I am not undocumented for lack of trying.

"But I do think there's practical limitations to what that really means", she added. U.to be welcoming to all.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, both Democrats, called Trump's action cruel and outrageous, given that the decision was announced by Sessions rather than the president himself.

The deplorable state of public education and the vast power the University-Industrial Complex is wielding to sucker kids into college just so they can leave with massive student loan debt and little prospects of good-paying jobs is another issue.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee expressed his support for DACA in a statement.

"While the plaintiffs in Wednesday's lawsuit may believe that an arbitrary circumvention of Congress is lawful, the Department of Justice looks forward to defending this administration's position", said DOJ spokesman Devin O'Malley. It would be a grave injustice to send the Dreamers "home" to countries where many have hardly visited. At least a third of them are, or have been, enrolled in college.

After a day of angry protests and criticism, Trump tweeted that he would revisit DACA in six months if Congress fails to act on the matter. "On the other hand, they do now have this precedent that establishing it requires APA procedure". "Perhaps more powerful here is the courage and determination of the Dreamers themselves". The program allows undocumented students to participate in the democratic life of the university, engaging in discussion and debate.

California Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates declined to comment. "There's a reason they defend the statues of slave owners and Confederate flags - it's because this is the America they want".

In 2001, my family arrived to the United States in hopes of a better future. He sued earlier this year to challenge Trump's ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The county last month asked a federal court to declare Trump's order unconstitutional in an attempt to make the injunction permanent.

So far, most of the Republican lawmakers who have spoken out about DACA are supporters of comprehensive immigration reform - Sens. The doctor gave the baby to Serena, then Serena returned it, then the doctor sent it back, then Serena returned it again, and won the point.

"President Trump and the first lady returned to Texas last Saturday where they met with the people directly affected by Hurricane Harvey".

Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son was mercilessly shot to death by a sanctuary-protected gang member living in outlaw-coddling Los Angeles illegally, administered a bracing reality check: "You want to talk about families being separated?"

Guardiola said that moving forward she plans to continue to take a stand against the DACA decision. "Here's an administration that is acting capriciously". But the program isn't accepting new applications. In the past week, several tech executives, including Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, have voiced their opposition to the Trump administration's decision. At the same time, he continued, "We ought to recognize that giving them legal status has two problems".