Donald Trump to end DACA program in Tuesday announcement — Reports


DACA does not provide a path to citizenship and needs to be renewed every two years.

Former president Obama acknowledged he did not have the authority to suspend deportations. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders eventually assigned Tuesday as the date for an announcement during Friday afternoon's press briefing.

What does the program do? His decision is based on heeling to his shrinking base.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Sequanna Taylor released the following statement today regarding the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

DACA, an Obama-era program, protects nearly 800,000 young men and women, often called "Dreamers" from deportation.

Who is eligible for DACA? "This is all we have and we hope that he makes the right decision and knows that this is not just impacting citizens but it's impacting those who want to be citizens, those who want the opportunity to prove themselves".

Those to be considered for the program must have a high school diploma or GED certification, have been honorably discharged from the military or still be in school.

Why is the president considering ending the program? Of course, Trump's base will be happy to hear he has resolved to follow through with one of his campaign promises.

A map of Mexico as it was in 1794 is displayed as young immigrants and their supporters rally in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in Los Angeles, California on September 1, 2017.

Trump campaigned on scrapping DACA.

Which state attorneys general are participating? They deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values. It has given me a lot.

Republican officials from nine states are threatening to sue the Trump administration if DACA is not ended by Sept. 15, putting pressure on the White House to make a decision.

"If [Trump] was interested in healing our nation, he wouldn't end [DACA]". She grew up in Fresno, and thanks to the Dream Act, she went to college, got a job, bought a house and now worries that it could all end with the stroke of Donald Trump's pen.