Netanyahu to Kushner: Peace in Region 'Within Our Reach'


The last three successive presidents all pushed hard for that end goal through comprehensive peace efforts. "President Trump is very optimistic and hopes for a better future for the Palestinian people and the Israeli people".

The PA's payment for terrorist families is a point of contention between the Palestinians and the Trump administration.

The metal detectors had been installed in the wake of a deadly shootout at the site in which two Israeli police officers were killed, along with three Israeli-Arab attackers.

"It would have been nearly impossible to justify giving Egypt this money", Malinowsky told VOA. "This is the time and this is the opportunity".

Her comments came as Palestinians have increasingly complained over the White House's refusal to endorse the two-state solution, breaking with longstanding US policy and an international consensus.

We started our journey though the Jaffa gate. Facilitation can only work when both parties are willing and eager to achieve a deal, but that is definitely not the case here.

Another factor: Trump has also suggested massive cuts to the overall U.S. foreign aid budget, insisting the U.S. should instead use that money to build up its own military.

Yet some leaks have found their way into the Israeli press, before revelations over Abbas' ultimatum were published this week.

Palestinians run away from tear gas thrown by police officers outside Jerusalem's Old City during the riots, Friday, July 21, 2017.

According to the Anadolu news agency, the visit is scheduled for August 28.

In the meeting - also attended by National Security Council officials Ricky Waddell, Michael Anton and Victoria Coates - the group discussed moving Coates, a former policy adviser to Sen. Coates joined the American team just as the crisis was erupting, and helped to provide grounding, perspective and some history with the players involved, people involved in the process said.

Ibrahim Fraihat is Associate Professor of International Conflict Resolution at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and Affiliate Scholar at Georgetown University in Qatar.

Kenneth Bandler is the American Jewish Committee's director of media relations. Netanyahu himself eventually condemned the anti-Semitism and racism that played out in Charlottesville, while Friedman noted that Trump's response to the violence was "not fine"-an indicator that Trump's support from Israel's staunchest defenders may not be unshakable". Which ever faith you belong to, the stark simplicity of its stoned walls, lack of opulence and earthy essence all emanate a sense of peace and quiet that settles in one's heart.

On the campaign trail, Mr Trump took a staunchly pro-Israel line.

'I can't understand how they are conducting themselves with us, ' he said, according a participant's notes.

In order for Trump to succeed, he has to make it incredibly clear that he is committed to the two-state solution.

The Western Wall is 488 metres.

Whether they admit it or not, the US-Israeli alliance ultimately supports the continued illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

"If the Trump administration can show how it will counter or contain the Iranians in very practical terms", he said, that "can be used to draw the Arabs into a more active role in peacemaking".

Strong inherent and deep belief, faith and irrevocable history resides in Jerusalem. Both were later assassinated for their efforts. And that's what we'd like to take back with us, where children run smiling, and peace prevails...