Playground taunts won't defuse North Korea crisis — EUGENE ROBINSON


The president spoke with Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo on Saturday to reassure him and residents here.

Yoshihide Suga, Japan's chief government spokesman, said earlier this week that Tokyo "can never tolerate" provocations from North Korea and the country's military, will "take necessary measures" to protect itself.

North Korea said Tuesday that leader Kim Jong Un was briefed on his military's plans to launch missiles into waters near Guam as part of an effort to create "enveloping fire" near the U.S. military hub in the Pacific. In a meeting with military officials Wednesday, he said that South Korea would need to "slightly supplement" its military readiness in the face of threats from North Korean nuclear weapons and missiles. Trump represents the opposite of what Obama stood for.

The ministry quoted Lavrov as saying tensions could rise again with the U.S. and South Korea set to launch large-scale military exercises on Aug. 21.

But Trump also said he wants a peaceful solution to the problem. Is being the tip of the spear really worth it?

"Sim Tack, a senior analyst for private intelligence firm Stratfor, said the Japanese batteries are designed for protecting the area where they are deployed, "(they are) not meant to shoot missiles out of the sky as they pass over Japan at high altitude".

It was the latest development in the worsening exchange of threats between the NK and the US.

Foreign policy and national security experts have also raised questions about Trump's response to North Korea - unprecedented for a U.S. president - noting that past administrations have shied away from such comments to avoid adding to North Korea's credibility. Greece, which has been in the headlines because of its ongoing economic depression and the migrant crisis, experienced record tourism in 2016 and 2017.

"Our pre-emptive nuclear attacks will bring the provocateurs nothing but tragic consequences: South Korea will be submerged in a sea of fire, Japan will be reduced to ashes and the U.S. will collapse".

Many South Koreans ignore Pyongyang because they have lived with near-constant North Korean belligerence, and sometimes violence, since the Korean Peninsula was divided in 1945 and the two countries fought a bloody, three-year war five years later. "There are no changes". "Listening to that call left me feeling disgusted", Andrea Nicole Grajek, a local artist from Dededo village, told the New York Times. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the United Sates would take out any such missile seen to be heading for American soil and declared any such North Korean attack could lead to war. A preemptive strike is not worth the risk. Trump played that up on Friday by retweeting a U.S. Pacific Command tweet saying the bombers on Guam are ready to fulfill their "Fight Tonight" mission if called upon.

Although the White House statement on the call was notoriously lacking in detail, the Republican governor posted a video of his end of the call, providing a unique glimpse in how Trump talks to other leaders.

Asked if he would consider a pre-emptive strike against North Korea to deny it the ability to launch a nuclear attack against the United States, Trump said, "We'll see what happens". In another view, the North Korean regime is deeply unstable, prone to miscalculation and capable of unthinkable horrors.

He made clear that if the North shoots at the U.S., then it's "game on".

"Any second Korean War would have no choice but to spread into a nuclear war", it said in a commentary on Monday.

Washington has previously said it will consider talks with Pyongyang if it agrees to give up its nuclear weapons program, a pre-condition North Korean officials have described as a non-starter.

Indeed, most posts on a popular Internet community for South Korean tourists to Guam lacked "fire and fury", or even hints of panic. Pyongyang abruptly abrogated the 1953 armistice agreement ending the Korean War and cut the military "hot line" communications link with South Korea.

President trump has given the timely warning to the senseless leadership of North Korea to put fear and prevent any missile attack by North Korea. These are the voices that should be heard on the news networks this week, reflecting on the horror of nuclear war.

In this truly frightening context, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson provides an appropriately firm but calm style.