Dozens rally in Guam for peace amid North Korea threats


Kim's latest announcement follows a week of heated exchanges between Pyongyang and Washington and a threat from North Korea to fire missiles into the ocean near the US territory.

KCNA, North Korea's official news agency, said Tuesday that the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, had received a report from his army on its plans to strike the area around Guam, a U.S. territory in the western Pacific Ocean.

The China Daily, a state newspaper, warned Monday that Trump 'could trigger a trade war' and 'intensify tensions' if he goes ahead with the investigation.

Asked how the U.S. would respond, Mattis initially declined to say.

Monday's demonstration came days after North Korea threatened to fire four intermediate-range missiles into the ocean near Guam.

The U.S. military would be able to determine if a North Korean missile is headed toward Guam "within moments", he said, because of spy satellites, radars and other high-tech sensors that track missile launches. The island is home to some 7,000 American military personnel and some strategic assets including bombers and a Thaad missile defense battery.

Tuesday's statement followed a statement last week that outlined a specific trajectory for a prospective four-missile test involving Hwasong-12 IRBMs, noting that the preparations for a launch were nearing completion would await Kim Jong-un's approval this week.

The UN has already passed sanctions as North Korea continues to develop its weapons programme and carry out test launches.

"North Korea seems to be hosting what appears to be a meeting of foreign diplomatic missions' chiefs after calling its ambassadors to major countries back to Pyongyang", Yonhap News Agency news agency reported.

True, neither China nor Russia desired to vote to interdict the cheap North Korea labor they get and profit from, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the Kim regime since it garnishes 80 percent of its guest-workers' wages.

A guard post is seen near the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas in Paju, South Korea, August 14, 2017.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis had warned that America would take out any such missile seen to be heading for American soil and declared any such North Korean attack could mean war. The proportion of respondents saying the decision "should be reconsidered" fell by 23.1 percentage points to 33.0% from 56.1% in the May survey.

Donald Trump's policy is scarcely new: it is the time-honored U.S. policy of halting, perchance reversing, nuclear proliferation, across the world, not just in Korea. "Regardless of whatever twist and turns we could experience, the North Korean nuclear program should absolutely be solved peacefully, and the (South Korean) government and the U.S. government don't have a different position on this".

His tough words have invited tsk-tsking from the usual chorus at the State Department and the United Nations, but those words might widen eyes in Beijing, where the key to controlling Mr. Kim resides.

'But make no mistake about it.the increased chance that there will be a nuclear missile in Denver is a very serious threat'. The US also docked one of the largest nuclear-powered submarines in the world, the USS Michigan, in South Korea, and held "decapitation exercises" to prepare troops to infiltrate North Korea and eliminate Kim and his ruling cohort. CNN reports that the official does believe this movement suggests that they could be planning the launch of a single missile as soon as 24-48 hours.

Like two perfidious peas in a pod, North Korea and Iran are sharing their deadly nuclear secrets.