GOP's Obamacare Repeal Would Cut Insured by 32 Million, CBO Says


Instead, Johnson said he didn't envy McConnell's job.

The numbers were similar to the projections the last time Republicans advanced the legislation in 2015.

"President Donald Trump and White House officials have had a series of conversations with prospective Republican candidates about challenging Arizona GOP Sen. People are hurting and, frankly, inaction is not an option", Mr Trump told his fellow Republicans. Much of the Republican base still loves Trump, and few Republicans in Congress can afford to alienate these voters by defying him too forcefully, even though many of them, particularly senators, plainly hold the president in low regard. They want to make sure there is a replacement plan before repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The following day, three Senate Republicans said they would team with Democrats to bar leaders from proceeding with a fallback plan - pass a repeal bill that guts Obamacare but freezes its impact for two years, buying time for a replacement.

In the meantime, the president is making it clear to senators that he means business. Republicans also believe that it would force Democrats to the negotiating table.

The individual markets are projected to be thrown into turmoil.

That sounds a tad wonky, but here's the plain English version: While Obamacare is not succeeding as well as some hoped, and it certainly has problems in some places, it's also not failing coast-to-coast as some others have feared.

On Monday, after two GOP senators said they would vote against a key procedural vote to bring the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) to the floor, effectively killing the bill, Trump said that Republicans should immediately repeal Obamacare.

Such a bill might be dead on arrival in the House - but that's the status of Trumpcare's doomed fate anyway, with voters furious at its prospect of shrinking insurance rolls by millions.

The only thing that seems certain - for now - is that the Senate will vote one way or another next week. "And this bill is on my desk and we can sign it and celebrate for the American people".

On Tueday, Resurgent founder Erick Erickson published a bruising editorial on calling for the GOP to "Ditch Mitch McConnell" and seek new Senate leadership. "We need to be grateful for that reprieve but we need not assume that it's done".

The outcome, the Congressional Budget Office expects, is health insurance companies would exit the segment of the market for people who buy their insurance directly or through an exchange.

Republicans say changes to the nation's healthcare law are necessary to reduce the price of premiums and to give states the flexibility to offer Americans more affordable healthcare options.