Pro-Trump media blames Congress — Health care bill


Balber didn't return messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

That would make four "no's" - two more than the bill could afford.

Now obviously Republicans are going to go back, they're going to try to tweak it, they're going to keep continuing to try to do this stupid thing that they want to do.

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She claimed Democrats were "unwilling to work with Republicans in any capacity to help fix" Obamacare. "No matter what the president suggests, he does 'own it' - and if the system is undermined on Republicans' watch, they alone will be held to account".

Mitch McConnell has a reputation for procedural wizardry, earned through his years of unprecedented and ultimately successful obstruction. "I can tell you that the Republicans are not going to own it". "It's time for the Republicans to walk through it".

Conservative pundits took their swings at McConnell in more direct terms.

Trump fired off a morning tweet storm complaining about how he was "let down" by Democrats "and a few Republicans" opposed to the repeal. "The group has also met with Senator Toomey's chief-of-staff, in-state regional directors, communications staff, and numerous regional state staffers".

Amanda Carpenter, CNN contributor and former communications director for Sen. "But this is not you".

And then he came out Tuesday, lamenting that he was dismayed the Senate couldn't deliver on the GOP's most publicized promise of the last campaign.

Moran said he would be fine with repealing before replacing.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, however, had a different tone.

Republicans believe that Obamacare, which extended insurance to 20 million more Americans, would collapse on its own.

Burrison suffers from cerebral palsy and requires attendant care in order to live an independent lifestyle. Harry Reid slammed McConnell for his leadership style. And other moderates were wavering and could have been difficult for McConnell and Trump to win over because of the bill's Medicaid cuts: Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Rob Portman of Ohio, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Dean Heller of Nevada, probably the most endangered Senate Republican in next year's elections.

With the Republican party running out of options, it is now becoming increasingly likely that healthcare reform will be delayed. They said the repeal-only approach could leave millions of Americans without health insurance coverage.

For all of his critics, McConnell has several allies on his side.

"Obamacare is failing in Pennsylvania". "Congress needs to step up".

And Congress does not have a good record of meeting deadlines.

"The Senate's got to pass a bill for us to even move the process forward", Ryan said.

Moran's stance also is garnering praise from the hospital association, which projects GOP proposals will cost the state federal funds.

The national grassroots organization ADAPT of disability rights activists led the sit-in at the Republican's office.

"They should vote in favor of the 2015-era Obamacare reconciliation bill", said a statement from Dan Holler, CEO of Heritage Action for America.

If Congress can't get it done, Mr. Trump is suggesting maybe the answer is to "just let Obamacare fail".

The budget committee will hold a hearing on the budget resolution on Wednesday.

Because, as Collins put it, killing the law with no clear replacement "would create great anxiety for individuals who rely on the ACA".