Russia Isn't Delivering for Donald Trump


When Goldstone helped coordinate a May 23 fundraiser on the Lower East Side, featuring a Russian singer he represented named Emin Agalarov, the "bizarre" Brit came across as anything but a criminal mastermind. It was reported that Trump told Putin: "it's an honour to be with you". I tried to stick to the issues, but he kept interrupting me with smirky sarcasm, obnoxious laughter, and ad hominem insults.

A Russian oligarch and his son have emerged as controversial figures after Donald Trump Jr. emails scandal.

It's not clear why Goldstone made that assertion. We'd met at a corporate party in which a deep-pocketed hedge-funder had hired Aretha Franklin to perform and, simultaneously, for go-go girls to dance atop columns. Agalarov himself on Wednesday called that assertion "some kind of fiction".

Turns out my dream processing was not all fantasy, that I was indeed experiencing a modest earthquake whose epicenter was only about 70 miles distant near Lincoln, Montana.

"Is it possible to work with the Putin regime?" "In the course of my investigation [about the fund manager], I shared information with him".

If any other adviser had allowed his presidency to be compromised by Russia and a flamboyant British "freak" with a love of silly hats, Donald Trump's retribution might have been brutal. Damascus has used the quiet in the southwest to move troops up to eastern Ghouta, a suburb of the capital where opposition groups still have a strong foothold. "That Putin-Trump meeting needed to have something positive come out of it. And this is it". But, my colleague Chris Matthews writes, what if the data are wrong? .

Another problem to which the two presidents devoted their attention on the sidelines of the G-20 summit was Ukraine. "His expectations were totally different, as I can understand now".

Magnitsky was known as a whistleblower who alleged that Russian government officials engaged in fraud and theft. As quakes go, this one was relatively weak and short (5.2 on the Richter scale and only about 15 seconds).

Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya
Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya

In a subsequently released email, Goldstone was quoted telling the president's son that the information had been passed on to Aras Agalarov from Russian prosecutor-general Yuri Chaika.

The cease-fire's chances of success then rest on Russia's ability to coerce these militias to comply. Independent investigators said he died of torture and was denied medical treatment. It was expanded in 2016 to include human rights abusers anywhere.

Unfortunately, Russia continued to be a suspect before the US-led western lobby and other US-military-protected Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea.

Likewise, the uranium caper of the Obama era has hardly yet receded into the mists of forgotten history, either. A Russian court has convicted Browder in absentia for tax evasion, and state-run Russian TV has aired investigations about him. But this time, Russia, a powerful ally of the Damascus regime, seems focused on a lasting freeze in the violence.

Our insider was privvy to Emin's performance that night. But this is hardly revolutionary in today's Trumpified Republican Party.

Veselnitskaya also attended a dinner with Rohrabacher as well as other guests. Trump asked Bharara to leave in March, along with 46 other U.S. attorneys. Clinton, as secretary of state and after, supported Ukraine's democratic aspirations.

In this light, it may not be even worth mentioning that Podesta's brother, a lobbyist, had a contract with the big Russian financial institution, Sberbank. Mr. Putin is a believer in high-level bargaining and corruption, but he trusts even more in personal power projection, whereas, his Western counterparts are wary of the former and quite fed up with the latter.