6 of Trump's most cringeworthy handshakes… so far (VIDEOS)


President Donald Trump's trip to France was seen as successful on almost all fronts.

Brigitte Macron was once the 39-year-old French president's high school teacher.

"I was elected by the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris", Trump said at the June Rose Garden event where he announced his decision to get out of the international agreement that looked to reduce American emissions by 26-28% in a decade. In this case, he added, "nothing happened from the meeting, zero happened from the meeting". "If it happens, that'll be wonderful, if it doesn't, that'll be OK too", he said.

Jen Siebel Newsom, a documentary maker and actress, (@JenSiebelNewsom) said on Twitter: "Mr. Trump - Women do not want to hear unsolicited remarks on what you think of their bodies".

Mr Macron's aides said he does not want Mr Trump to feel backed into a corner. "I am grateful to President and Mrs. Macron for their gracious invitation and hospitality as we celebrate Bastille Day with them".

One of Trump's first moves after becoming president in January was to sign executive orders advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Pressed by reporters, Trump also backed away from his earlier comments that France's liberal immigration policies and the threat of terrorism had dimmed the lights of Paris as a tourist destination.

"When I speak to friends in my circle, they hate Mr. Macron".

"You have a great leader, a tough president", Mr Trump said during a press conference. The newcomers must therefore bring the deficit back down to 3% of GDP, as promised last year to France's European partners. "And you know what, why? Otherwise, you're going to make me look bad".

6 of Trump's most cringeworthy handshakes… so far (VIDEOS)

Some topics, like a person's religion, sexuality and marital status, are best avoided in the workplace.

The July 1942 incident is named after the stadium in which Nazi-led forces held the majority of those arrested ahead of their deportation to Auschwitz.

The menu could include sea bream, tiny artichokes and blue lobster - vastly different from Trump's standard fare of steaks and diet coke.

Donald Trump returned from a brief moment of heroic fame in Paris on Friday. Security around the area was tight amid heightened security in Paris following a series of terror attacks.

France, along with the rest of Western Europe, is nervous. Other potential situations include being in the gym working out next to a woman and being introduced to a potential mother-in-law. They later said the information did not come to pass and it proved to be a waste of time. In a Ramadan iftar meal organised by the Conseil Français du Culte Musulman (CFCM), Macron gave his message to Muslim compatriots.

This meeting seems to be the first concrete indication that there may have indeed been intent by the Trump Campaign to collude with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential elections.

Simultaneous travel, scandal and lawmaking would be a massive challenge for even the most efficient White House, much less for Trump's understaffed, chaotic, besieged and backstabbing administration.