Junior on the hot seat — Thursday letters


A spokesperson for Lynch said the former attorney general "does not have any personal knowledge of Ms. Veselnitskaya's travel", The Hill reported Thursday evening.

US intelligence agencies have concluded that Putin approved a mass effort to tilt the election in Trump's favour, including hacking and leaking embarrassing emails from Democrats.

"This is already the law", said Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, . She was asked why the president had not had any public appearances in three days, and said he will appear at a news conference in France on Thursday.

"We are being absolutely devastated by bad trade deals", he said.

Republicans opposed the amendment, describing it as an unnecessary political stunt. But Trump Jr. said the Russian lawyer instead pushed for changes to the Magnitsky Act, which punished Russians for human rights violations.

Trump sought to play down the June 2016 meeting between Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort: "Most people would've taken that meeting", Trump said. "That's the easy thing for me to do, but that's the stupid thing to do", Trump said.

Thus far, this is what's known about the meeting Trump Jr. was so eager to attend.

The second amendment bars funding for security credentials for anyone who "deliberately fails" to disclose a meeting with a foreign national if the disclosure is required as part of the individual's security clearance credentialing process. "It's really the one question I wish I would have asked Putin: Were you actually supporting me?" Recent attacks such as the NotPetya malware outbreak have been linked to Russia, as have the various attacks surrounding the 2016 presidential election.

A spokesman for the US attorney's office told Business Insider at the time that the settlement saved taxpayers the expense of a trial, and he reiterated that the settlement was for "many multiples more" than the amount in fraud proceeds the government alleged were laundered through the New York real-estate purchases.

Email records show he presented the meeting as an opportunity to get information collected by the Russian government. In the overture his son had received for the meeting last summer, Trump Jr was told that Putin supported his father's candidacy. She was a pawn. "This is the greatest witch-hunt in political history".

US President Donald Trump said in an interview Wednesday that he has a good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after the two met for more than two hours in Hamburg last week. "Our best hope ... is going to be Robert Mueller's investigation", he said. Critics said this is an evidence of collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, although the lawyer denied having worked for the Russian government. "That would very likely be illegal". He noted that a story about Ms. Freeland's grandfather editing a Nazi newspaper during the occupation of Poland was widely promoted earlier this year by pro-Russian media who claimed it raised questions about her integrity.

In 2015, Mr. Simpson's firm, Fusion GPS, hired former British intelligence agent commissioned Christopher Steele to compile opposition research on then-candidate Trump.

Even conservatives who are uneasy with the latest Russia news say the President can win them back. This is an email chain released by Donald Trump Jr. himself.