FBI admits mishandling tip about accused Florida gunman


Her daughter Hannah, 19, knew eight of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who were killed on Wednesday. "And the FBI failed to act.The FBI director needs to resign". It would also deter troubled gun owners from seeking treatment. Some political leaders including Trump have said mental illness prompted the shooting.

Will these young people somehow coalesce with their vast social media presence and potential power and achieve what their parents have been unable to accomplish?

None of this is to argue against any changes whatsoever. The massacre at the Colorado school in 1999 triggered one of the first national debates over gun-control laws and school security.

Zoning laws require preserving the town's "parklike setting". Two gun shows and a rally calling for the firearm safety legislation are due to be held nearby. The more typical way they become a safety issue is if students are using them to bully or threaten one another. His attorney did not contest the order and had her arm around Cruz during the brief court appearance. The Bill of Rights was written in the era of muskets and dueling pistols. A spokeswoman for the State Attorney's office in Broward, which is prosecuting him, said no decision had been made yet about seeking the death penalty, though Finkelstein said he expects they will do so. And could there be a cost to that feeling?

"We will make this a top priority", Sessions said in a statement.

While tragedies often spur people to activism, this feels different, he said.

The tip appeared unrelated to a previously reported YouTube comment in which a person named Nikolas Cruz said, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter".

And he had a fetish for guns.

The 19-year-old was arrested 40 minutes later by police officer Michael Leonard after he saw someone matching the suspect's description and stopped him as he walked along a pavement nearby after the attack.

One student said Cruz had been abusive to his ex-girlfriend and that his expulsion was over a fight with her new boyfriend. Because you can't shoot up a school or a night club or a country music concert the way it was done in Parkland, Orlando and Las Vegas if you don't have access to weapons of war that were designed for the battlefield. Feis, who was also an assistant football coach at the school, is among those Cruz is charged with killing.

Smoke can be seen filling the air in one such video, in which the gunman clearly close by. He was a teacher who opened his classroom door to let in more students to hide.

School District of Lee County officials said Thursday they work hand-in-hand with law enforcement.

Students wait outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

These are not rifles used by sportsmen for hunting. He was in the junior ROTC. We're secure. No one is going to come in here. It investigated the comment but did not determine who made it. Another is expanding the federal background check system to cover private sales.

Broadening the exclusion for mental health problems would mean penalizing millions of people who pose no danger. Both of Obymako's children attended Douglas High School.

"It wasn't like there wasn't concern for him, " Mr Furr said.

Santa Monica, California, June 7, 2013: A onetime digital media student fatally shoots his father and brother, sets their house on fire, and then kills three people at Santa Monica College.

Arsu Noorali, a former JROTC cadet at Stoneman Douglas who participated in marksmanship training, said she hopes the program doesn't get a bad name because Cruz was in it. She is a former correspondent for People magazine and a former reporter and bureau chief for The Miami Herald. "They took him in and it's a classic case of no good deed goes unpunished". "Do something. Action! We need it now!"