Trump reaches out in first state of union speech


Publicly available analysis from the director of national intelligence has indicated that Russia is trying to undermine our democratic process and sowing divisions among Americans is one way to do so. Obama scored 52 million for his speech, and Clinton had 66.9 million.

That wasn't clear in the tweet, however, as the 45.6 million people encompassed watchers of both cable and broadcast networks.

"I hope the president saw the faces of the many Dreamers members brought as our guests tonight", said Hoyer, who brought one, Gabriela Hernandez of Prince George's County, as his guest. I was criticized in my next re-election campaign for having made certain compromises. "Far from a compromise that can pass, it is a deeply partisan proposal that, fortunately, is dead on arrival". But they actually weren't. Yet the underlying message was his familiar appeal to fear and resentment, particularly toward noncitizens and foreign adversaries.

Trump has a long history of hyperbole about his ratings and other measures of popularity. He is a Rhodes Scholar, Harvard Law graduate, a Vietnam veteran and the author of "Neighbours in Arms: An American Senator's Quest for Disarmament in a Nuclear Subcontinent".

What most people will draw from this State of the Union address is his continued reference to major bipartisan policy plans.

Even as he made a soaring appeal to renew America's pioneering spirit, Mr Trump tapped into the visceral fears of his base.

"Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech", Trump tweeted Thursday.

Responding hours later, China's Foreign Ministry said it hoped the US would abandon its outdated Cold War thinking and work with China to manage differences. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Since then, the plight of the 'Dreamers' has been central to the drama on Capitol Hill.

The leader of the House conservatives did add a caveat: 'I didn't anticipate one last time'. Trump rose before Congress in the shadow of an investigation into Russian collusion in our elections that he and his allies in Congress are doing all in their power to attack, discredit and obstruct.

Deriding "decades of unfair trade deals that sacrificed our prosperity and shipped away our companies, our jobs and our nation's wealth" Trump repeated his more economically protectionist stand, which helped make him popular in the Rust Belt. There have been walk-outs, business closures, petitions, rallies, demonstrations and marches. It beat every other network airing the speech.

The NBC News survey revealed that of the 69 percent of Americans who said they watched or followed coverage of the speech, 60 percent believe that Trump focused on the right issues, while 38 percent of Americans argue that Trump centered on the wrong policies. It looks like the drugs are winning, and the president offered no specifics about how the tide might be turned.

They also proved that they hate Trump more than they love America.