Trump: 'I'm the least racist person'


With Friday's deadline to prevent a government shutdown approaching, several democrats, including John Lewis from Georgia, have said they won't vote for a budget deal until there is an agreement on DACA.

"And I think it's unfair then to sort of all of a sudden paint him [as], 'Oh well, he's a racist, ' when I know, for a fact, that he cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped finance a trip where we were able to get vision back for 200 people in Haiti".

Responding to reporters, the president said: "No, No. I am not a racist. It is incumbent on responsible members of Congress to stand up for a different vision of our country, to reject attempts to derail legislative progress, and to deliver on the urgently needed legislative solution for Dreamers".

In a series of tweets, Trump said: "The language used by me at the DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] meeting was tough, but this was not the language used".

First by purging the racist within, second by public confession and third by confronting racism whenever it emerges - whether from a president, people we share a pew with at church or guys in the locker room.

Trump, who met on Wednesday with the Norwegian prime minister, said the US instead should bring in more immigrants from countries like that highly developed Scandinavian nation.

Botswana, a traditional African ally of the US, has come out most vocally in condemning Trump's comments.

The Trump administration ordered an end to DACA in September.

Beyond his denial about the comments, Trump touched on topics ranging from DACA to North Korea.

Perdue described as a "gross misrepresentation" reports that Trump used the vulgarity.

One participant at the meeting on Sunday denied that Mr Trump used the term and another said he did not recall Mr Trump making such comments. The president's inflammatory comments left lawmakers struggling to find a path forward.

The local daily reported that the US President further added, "Why do we need more Haitians?"

A confidant of Trump's told The Associated Press that the president spent Thursday evening calling friends and outside advisers to judge their reaction to his remarks.

The Trump administration's termination of the program launched lawmakers into a frenzy in recent weeks as the March deadline draws near. "I haven't heard any of those six sources other than Senator Durbin talk about what was said".

"I do take big issue with the president ... saying that the Democrats aren't moving forward in good faith", said Sen.

"No, I'm not a racist".