House of Cards falls after Kevin Spacey molestation allegation


That seems unlikely. I'm not sure entirely at what exact stage in the production season six is.

When Bryan Singer was accused of alleged sexual abuse in April 2014, 20th Century Fox had to quickly revamp its marketing campaign for Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In 2014, Singer's career recovered when his accuser, Michael Egan, quickly dropped his lawsuit alleging that Singer abused him. Rapp was a young-looking 14.

The decision to conclude the series was made several months ago, The Associated Press reported Monday, citing to a person with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Spacey said in a Twitter post on Sunday that he was "beyond horrified" to learn of Rapp's account of Spacey's alleged seduction attempt, which Spacey said he did not recall.

Top London theatre director Victoria Featherstone told BBC Radio 4's Today that there had been "concerns" over Spacey for years.

In a statement, Spacey apologised for any "drunken" misbehaviour and also came out as gay.

"He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold", Rapp said.

He said: 'Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. [His co-star, Robin Wright, earned $420,000 per episode for the series, according to Forbes.] And Netflix still has its high-profile drama, and seven-time Emmy winner, for another season.

Rapp said he had found it hard to watch Spacey's rise to fame, and was increasingly incredulous that anyone would do something like that to a 14-year-old boy.

Hollywood's unfolding sexual harassment scandal may have started with Harvey Weinstein, but the latest card to fall is involves actor and producer Kevin Spacey.

Rapp stayed strong throughout the years with the support system of his mother, Mary Lee.

Netflix is also the home of Gore, starring Spacey as late author Gore Vidal. "Nope to Kevin Spacey's statement". You do not get to "choose" to hide under the rainbow! But that's not really accurate. And he never told his mother about it either.

Some of the highest disapproval numbers for homosexuality - 57 percent - were in the 1980s, when the Religious Right was arguably at its most culturally influential. He claims he was unaware the party had ended and he was alone in the apartment with Spacey until the older actor appeared in the bedroom doorway.

In a statement given to Vox, Netflix and production studio Media Rights Capital said they would be holding a meeting on Monday (local time) with cast and crew, to ensure they feel safe on set.

A deeper look at the Netflix announcement actually reveals that this "cancellation announcement" might be the streaming company's way of distracting its customers from the news that it is has decided to continue working with Spacey.

It swings the water-cooler conversation back to Spacey rather than Rapp and to how much anyone "knew" all along.

If Netflix wants to actually make a statement about their relationships with sexual predators, the opportunities are piling up.

Kevin Spacey sought Hollywood stardom to escape his abusive father, his brother has revealed.