Climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly


Houston is grappling with a disaster of epic proportions from Hurricane Harvey, as the tropical storm continues to dump rain on the region.

The hurricane is the first emergency drawing California resources to one of the eight states that California public agencies are banned from visiting for work-related assignments.

Trump will visit Corpus Christi on Tuesday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Opponents argued that the Sandy package funded things unrelated to the disaster.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said it was not possible to overcome logistical obstacles to a large-scale evacuation.

"Brock's been in every one of these jobs".

At an earlier briefing in Washington, Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long called the response to Harvey an ongoing situation, adding, "We're not at recovery yet". Early Tuesday, Harvey's relentless downpour continued to drench Houston and the surrounding area. The Texans and Cowboys would lose some evaluation opportunities when it comes to determining the final roster spots, but that's a small issue compared to this.

Jeff Hirsch at the Almanac notes that although the month has tended to start off strongly over the last 22 years, "once tans begin to fade and the new school year begins, fund managers tend to clean house as the end of the third quarter approaches, causing some nasty selloffs near month-end over the years". We've never been through a hurricane before and it was pretty scary at times. Over 2 million bpd of refining capacity was estimated to be offline as a result of the storm. Undoubtedly the players, coaches and support staff are anxious to get home.

His wife Judy said she could only pray the rain would stop, after leaving home with just two sets of clothes, their medicine and their dog.

"The first sound I heard was chainsaws, and I looked out and all my neighbors were out there clearing the streets, clearing their yards, cleaning up their yards", says Gilmer, who directs the Institute for Regional Forecasting at the University of Houston's C.T. Bauer College of Business. So to rebuild, they'll have to take out federal loans.

Greg Abbott sounded a different note, telling Houstonians that if he were living in the area, he'd head north. "If you have the ability to evacuate and go someplace else for a little while, that would be good".

But the evidence we have indicates that climate is likely to have had an effect on the severity of the storm, as did human development and other factors.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards told reporters Monday that he expects the threat to rise as outer rain bands sweep into Louisiana, adding, "This is going to play out over several days".

The California National Guard today also is sending teams from its 129th Rescue Wing.

Hurricanes usually weaken when they approach a coastline, but Harvey was able to gain strength, making landfall as a Category 4 storm. The storm's slow movement meant that bands of heavy rainfall remained in place, leading to the catastrophic flooding currently submerging homes, businesses and roads, Runyen said. But thanks to the careful eye of a veteran Associated Press photographer assigned to cover the storm, the world already knows the mother, child and officer as the faces of the struggle to deal with the devastation.

A 100-year flood means there is a 1 percent chance - or 1 in 100 - that a flood of that magnitude will occur in that given location in any one year. Congress must approve a measure to keep the government funded and prevent a shutdown.

Outside of Houston, communities scrambled to house the hordes of displaced residents fleeing the rising waters and heeding the increased calls for mandatory evacuations of flood-prone areas. He also tweeted Sunday morning about his Cabinet meeting to address Harvey.