US-Israel Relationship 'Stronger Than Ever,' Kushner Tells Netanyahu — WATCH


"There hasn't been any".

The administration has also sought to protect Israel at the United Nations from criticism of its occupation of Palestinian land. If actions speak louder than words, then with his choice of Kushner as head of the "peace process" delegation and David Friedman as the U.S. envoy in Israel, the sound of trouble is blasting in Ramallah. No one looking at Abbas and Netanyahu realistically would ever have believed that they - even with US help - could produce a final peace agreement on the big issues. But the Trump administration is banking on a generational shift in the region to younger leaders and a shared interest in moving on from the intractable dispute to focus on threats from Iran.

The group saw it as a win-win-win, and the move was quickly finalized. Cash payments to the families of suicide bombers are not steps toward peace. To be sure, just before the Kushner team's arrival in the Middle East, Netanyahu government announced that it allocated $1.5m to build a fence around Beit El settlement.

DANIEL ESTRIN, BYLINE: A lot happened since Jared Kushner was last in the Mideast two months ago.

Egypt was also reported to have canceled a meeting between visiting White House advisor Jared Kushner and Egypt's foreign minister Sameh Shoukry.

"We need them to tell us where the hell they are going", Husam Zomlot, the Palestine Liberation Organization envoy to Washington, said Thursday at a meeting in his office with reporters.

Democratic lawmakers on Friday castigated the Trump administration for its ongoing refusal to back a two-state solution as part of its push to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying the stance was harming the prospect for peace.

The U.S. diplomatic team meets separately with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday evening.

The State Department policy appears to be a reflection of a general policy of the administration.

In an interview, Coates gave most of the credit to Greenblatt for the successful de-escalation. "I don't know if a career diplomat could have handled that situation as ably as he did".

Meanwhile, some Israelis grumble that the United States isn't taking their problem seriously. This cold-blooded deadly attack, followed by the reality that the terrorist family will be duly rewarded by the PA, led to the introduction of this groundbreaking measure to penalize the PA for inciting terrorism. "It does not work".

There are, however, new holdups on both sides.

Greenblatt and Powell were also in the meeting with Kushner and Netanyahu this morning. "The Qatar crisis showed that clearly", he said. The latest American trip to the region reflected that agenda, with stops first in the Gulf states before Kushner's arrival in Israel.

According to ACRI, the Israeli state's response argued that the parliament, or Knesset, can impose law in the occupied territory to address "problems faced by Israelis" and that settlers were considered a "local population".

Talk of scandal and indictment is swirling around Netanyahu and is pushing him to circle the wagons and reach out to his right - never a good omen for peace. The Palestinian Authority is broke. According to Israel's Channel 2 relations soured in the weeks between the two sit-downs, culminating in Trump shouting at Abbas during the West Bank meeting, "You tricked me in DC!"

Indeed, Trump has neither endorsed nor rejected the two-state solution - the mainstay of his three predecessors' approach to the peace process.

There comments come after a US official on Wednesday said that supporting such an outcome would render Washington biased.