Navy Fleet Commander Ousted After Latest Ship Collision


"This nonstop combat, paired with the budget instability and lower than planned top lines has (left) the United States Air Force, the smallest, oldest equipment and least ready in our history", Wilson said. Smith's father Darryl Smith is a Naval officer.

Drake graduated from Triad High School, and fellow graduate Boston Gregg remembers Drake once fit himself into a school locker "just to prove a teacher wrong".

It operates over an area of 124 million square km (48 million square miles) from bases in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

The mother of a Texas sailor said her son, John Hoagland, was among the missing and had served aboard the warship since October.

"We ask everyone to keep the families and friends of those affected by this terrible tragedy in your thoughts and prayers". He was serving his country on the #USSJohnSMcCain. In June, a deadly collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine-flagged merchant ship killed seven sailors and injured three. This is the fourth serious naval accident this year. "Our Navy faces increased demand without the size and resources required to properly maintain and train for our future". His grandfather also served in the Navy.

Swift said the collisions involving US Navy ships cannot be viewed in isolation and that it was the US Navy's goal to find out whether there is a common cause underlying the uptick.

Swift said Tuesday evening that while he has so far not seen any evidence of a cyberattack, the Navy would still investigate that possibility.

Adm Swift said Malaysian authorities had also found a body and were sending it to the US Navy for identification.

The collision before dawn on Monday near Singapore tore a gaping hole in the McCain's rear hull and flooded adjacent compartments including crew berths and machinery and communication rooms. We have discovered other bodies during the diving on McCain today.

"I spoke with him about two months ago on FaceTime, and he was telling me all sorts of stories about his time in Australia", she said.

Sunday's collision is the second in three months for the Navy's Pacific fleet.

The incidents have sparked concern that the US Navy could be overstretched in East Asia - both ships were from the Japan-based Seventh Fleet - as they tackle China's rising assertiveness and North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

Suffield's first selectwoman said the town will do everything it can to help the family and remember someone they lost too soon. That's what I remember him for.

He would not say where in the destroyer the bodies were found.

Jacqueline Ingram works for the Dutchess County Department of Social Services.

A major search involving ships and aircraft from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the US is under way for the missing sailors.

"Equipped with surface supplied air rigs, divers will access sealed compartments located in damaged parts of the ship", the 7th Fleet's statement says.