Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy


Charles Goldberg, Senior Director of Product for Thales e-Security, pointed out that while "an unfortunate incident in its own right, the Verizon leak is not a solitary occurrence".

Senator Chuck Grassley said he wants Mr Trump Jr to testify "pretty soon" and it could be as early as next week.

They also are engaged in a circular firing squad of private speculation about who may have disclosed information about Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian lawyer to the New York Times, said people familiar with the situation.

"As far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man", Trump said.

"As he told me, the meeting went-and it was attended by a couple of other people who-one of them left after a few minutes-which is Jared".

Russia has repeatedly denied meddling in the US political system calling the allegations absurd. He used the current ceasefire in Syria as an example of the two working together successfully.

"Will he tell the president 'no'?" Don't worry-to get another 7 articles absolutely free, just enter your email address in the box below. Although Sanders declined to answer questions about the emails, she stood by the White House's longstanding insistence that no one in Trump's campaign colluded to influence the election.

Alas, Scarborough didn't object to Trump when it could have done the most good, in the early months of the campaign.

"You know, you're in such great shape. beautiful", Trump told 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, who was sporting a white Louis Vuitton dress and stiletto heels, during their visit to the tomb. He should have alerted the FBI. Goldstone wrote that the information "would be very useful to your father".

Trump also offered a very different description of the border barrier than he portrayed in campaign rallies, where he would sometimes talk about a wall 30 feet high.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who chaired the Democratic National Committee during much of last year's campaign cycle, proposed an amendment targeting Kushner during a House Appropriations Committee markup session Thursday. He lavishes praise on Russia and says he hopes the pageant will help improve the US-Russia relationship.

Trump tweeted about Emin following the pageant.

"I think this is some sort of fiction".

This question was at the heart of Sen. It's an even bigger deal when news of that meeting emerges after an avalanche of denials and evasions. Attempts to reach Chaika at his office were unsuccessful. And as the public still doesn't know the full details of the contents of those meetings - but the Russians do - the Russians continue to be in a position to damage Kushner at a time and place of their choosing. But possibly the most dangerous and destructive has been his assault on the truth itself.

No smoking gun? For rush-to-judgment Democrats, the goal has become nothing short of impeachment. That's what life has taught him.

The video shows the future President Donald Trump attending a dinner with an Azerbaijani-Russian family who became Trump's business partners in Las Vegas in June 2013.

Trump Sr. showed his fondness for Emin Agalarov on Twitter in 2013 after the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, sending him a direct tweet that said, "Emin, your performance at Miss Universe was fantastic - you are a STAR!" "I think many people would have held that meeting", the president said.