Melania Trump stuck in guesthouse due to protests outside


May's comments come as leaders from the world's largest economic powers, including May and Trump, gather in Hamburg, Germany, for the annual Group of 20 (G-20) summit.

Saying that he 'never gives up hope on convincing' others, the French leader added that 'therefore I confirm that I hope to convince him'. Hamburg police refuse to clear the first lady to leave her residence, the White House confirmed to reporters on Friday, July 7. "It's not right that a few countries get to decide what happens to the rest of the world at this summit". "She was prevented from participating in today's spousal program, which she was looking forward to". Although some protests seemed particularly critical of Trump, experts indicate protesters' anger is directed generally at all authority figures.

In addition, some individuals allegedly carried out sabotage actions against train tracks and attempted to block access to the convention centre where the summit will be held, reports Efe news. "#G20" early Friday morning. "But German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said earlier in the week that the city was bracing for up to 8,000 potentially violent protesters".

But the dangerous scenes did not deter this brave Domino's delivery rider, who was filmed weaving his moped between protesters. The local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt reported that Four Seasons, a multi-national hotel chain, had to turn Trump's team away as they were full.

Along with trade, climate was among the most toxic issues in Hamburg. She was due to participate in a river cruise with other international leaders' spouses and visit a nearby climate change center today.

It is estimated that there is a $50 billion per year funding gap in the continent, with 60% of the population still lacking access to electricity.