Pope Francis appeals for peace, reconciliation in Venezuela


Venezuelans have actively pursued a change of government.

Instead, the couple was arrested at her family's government housing complex on the outskirts of Caracas.

Pope Francis reiterated his call for a peaceful, democratic solution to the Venezuela crisis and an end to violence.

The president called it a "terrorist attack" but the chief prosecutor said the country was suffering from "state terrorism".

Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz has refused to appear in court and is facing imminent suspension.

Footage from the scene showed two opposition lawmakers with blood running down their faces.

There has been widespread dissent within the Venezuelan military, especially among the lower officer ranks.

The MUD's consultation will have three questions: Do you support Nicolás Maduro's continuity as president?

Cornered, the ruling clique has become defiant.

If so, it wouldn't be suprising.

To address questions as to why she is not attending the TSJ hearings, Ortega Díaz said she will not validate "this circus that will taint our history with shame and pain", adding that she does not recognize the orders carried out by the TSJ.

In return, Maduro's allies have set the state judiciary in motion against her.

Opposition protesters also want solutions to the crushing economic crisis, freedom for hundreds of jailed activists, and independence for the opposition-led National Assembly.

"Now more than ever we have to unite and join forces to restore the state of law", she said in a video message released Monday.

The clash followed Tuesday's appearance of a 5-minute video posted by a former police inspector who allegedly stole a helicopter and fired on two government buildings last week.

Venezuelans are also struggling with a shortage of medicine, and some are also taking the sick to Colombian hospitals. It failed, thanks to the opposition of a handful of Venezuelan clients, including tiny Carribean nations bribed by Caracas with discounted oil.

In an effort to wrest power away from an uncooperative and antagonistic parliament, the supreme court attempted to usurp the National Assembly's legislative duties, a move declared unconstitutional by opposition lawmakers and the chief prosecutor.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is raising salaries as he attempts to overcome major protests in his country. On Tuesday anti-government protesters blocked streets in Caracas and elsewhere.

Having lost all legitimacy, Venezuela's kleptocratic and murderous regime is hanging on by a thread.

The pilot has been identified as Oscar Alberto Perez, an inspector with Venezuela's largest national police agency, responsible for criminal investigations and forensic services.

Later Mr Maduro condemned the violence, calling for a full investigation during a speech while attending a military parade.

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